Community gardens or roof gardens with vegetable patches and fruit trees - different concepts of the “edible city” are a global trend. The EU innovation project EdiCitNet (network of edible cities - integration of measures of the edible city for social, resilient, and sustainable cities) precisely examines these different approaches.

Stadtkümmerei works as a project service provider on behalf of the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing on this project. One goal of the project is to build an open and participatory city network that shows various solutions for the edible city.


How different approaches of the edible city can be implemented, especially in socially disadvantaged neighborhoods, is to be summarized in a master plan for the city of Berlin. The close connection to areas of the Social Cohesion program is a key issue. In addition to Berlin, other cities such as Oslo, Rotterdam and Havana are also involved in the project. A so-called City Team accompanies the process in each city. Various actors from the fields of science, administration, business, and practice have been working together in the research project since 2018.

More information about the project on the website and instagram Instagram as well as twitter @edicitnet

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