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What drives us

At Stadtkümmerei we bring together four main areas of integrated developments taking place in cities, neighbourhoods and common spaces alike: The social city, the digital city, the eco-friendly city and the producte city.

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Our Team

People from the Stadtkümmerei, the administration and entities the on site, that joins the will to make a difference with their work.



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Our Interests

Working on site, with people, for people, inspires us. Well-founded analyzes, studies and concepts support us in the development of innovative methods. We educate ourselves through exchanges with others at national, European and international symposia and workshops.



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Take a look at our latest projects

EdiCitNet – Network of Edible Cities



EdiCitNet – Network of Edible Cities

How can one make cities more liveable for everyone with measures of the edible city? Whether it is beekeeping, community garden, edible green facades, or measures against food waste, all these activities contribute to making us feel more comfortable in the city and at the same time improving the climatic conditions.

LAB - Contact point for citizen participation Lichtenberg

Social City


LAB - Contact point for citizen participation Lichtenberg

Building support structures in the district, bundling participatory measures and creating synergies - this is what the contact point for citizen participation is all about. The aim is to create a place of networking where people can get information and advice, share experience, and get support in self-organization.

QM Harzer Straße

Social City


Quartiersmanagement Harzer Straße

In January 2021, a new on-site office of the Quartiersmanagement (QM) was opened: the QM Harzer Straße. From now on, people can exchange ideas and participate in the development of their neighborhood themselves. The on-site team moves around the neighborhood a lot and works demand-driven and based on outreach work methods.

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public partners, research and science

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Thomas Helfen
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private organizations, non profits

colaboration and synergies

Daniel Fritz
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individual requests

Job applications, internships and theses

Belgin Kauth
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